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Colin Cowherd = ignorant dick

From Jeff Duncan at the Times Pic:

"Not everybody wants to be a part of a rebuilding process," Cowherd said. "Let’s be honest, New Orleans has got its issues. … You live in a bathtub. It’s a bowl. It’s only 50 percent rebuilt because of Katrina. … Westlake is high living, better schools, no crime."

First of all, the bathtub/bowl thing is bullshit, as I’ve posted before. And New Orleans is not “50 percent rebuilt.” Some areas are stronger than before; others haven’t come back as strongly. Overall, the population of the city itself is about 77% of its pre-Katrina number, and still growing at a solid clip annually.

And, of course, the suburn in which the Paytons live is…

Mandeville, where the schools rank among the best in the state and the crime rate is virtually non-existent.

Mandeville hasn’t had a reported rape or murder in more than two years.

Know how many robberies were committed in Mandeville last year? One.

The most dangerous thing in The Sanctuary, the exclusive gated community the Paytons have called home for the past five years, are the free-roaming deer that wander the wooded hillsides.

As for our initial reaction? Well, with all the facts in, I don’t hold the move against the Payton family. But the national media reaction once again betrays their ignorance and inability to understand the people about which they’re writing.

As Duncan says:

How do you think Alabama fans would react if Alabama football coach Nick Saban chose to move his family to, say, Gainesville, Fla.? Think that would sit well with the Crimson Tide faithful?

What if North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams decided to move his family back to Lawrence, Kan.? How would that be received along Tobacco Road?

So spare us the righteous indignation. New Orleanians have every reason to be disappointed and disillusioned. We don’t want your pity or your scorn.

Either you get New Orleans or you don’t.

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