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February 1, 2011
Former GOP Florida State Rep: “Why I left the Republican Party”

Full article here.

I swear this was a free read ten minutes ago. I read it without any sort of subscription. (New link to full article here.)

Abandonment of the intellect. The president is not a citizen! When you’re spending trillions beyond your means, cut taxes! Don’t get me started. In Florida as much as anywhere, Republican campaign platforms never rise above mantra. See Scott’s promise to cut the state government work force by 5 percent. One might think that, after 12 years of Republicans at the helm, including eight years of Jeb and three years of recession, and a state budget balanced and, in defiance of federal trends, shrinking, we could find something a smidge more original. Another 5 percent? You are kidding, right? At least tell me you don’t mean the courts or prison budget. Tell me that the suggestion to cut correction officer pay is based on something other than antipathy toward government workers based only on the fact that, well, government is bad.

With the e-universe at our fingertips, we can research any issue and develop a rudimentary awareness of any topic or controversy. But Republicans today do no research beyond polling to detect popular anger wells that need tapping. Their knowledge of complex issues is no deeper than talking points delivered by college-age party hacks.

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